13 CCs, 7 RCCs

Brindle & White Dog
Born 6th April 1975
Bred by Edwin Coombs
Owned by Marion & Ivor Ward-Davies

US Import
Kreyon's Back in
Town of Winuwuk
Int Ch. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack Int Ch. Millan's Fashion Hint
Int. Ch. Scher-Khoun's Carousel
US Ch. Kreyon's Firebrand US Ch. Cajon's Calling Card
Bartizan's Jewel
Blue Gown
Kitwe Blue Mink Int Ch. Seefeld Picasso
Willrait Copper Velvet
Kinbra Alice Springs Gremlin Jolly Swagman
Kinbra Drury Lane

We bought Uncle Sam from his breeder, Edwin Coombs, at six weeks. Like a lot of Back in Town stock he was a slow starter and at his first show he was only 5th in his class. But at this show, he caught the eye of famous breeder, Elizabeth Somerfield of the Panfield Boxers and she had no hesitation in predicting that Sammy would become a Champion.

Uncle Sam is acknowledged as having one of the best heads that has ever been seen in the UK and he won his CCs under some highly respected breed authorities. Along the way, he had some particular highlights to his career, for example, after winning his second CC at the Peterborough Show he was introduced to the Queen Mother who was the Royal visitor that year. He was also Best in Show at the British Boxer Club's Championship Show in 1977 under the greatly respected UK all-rounder, Bobby James. In that same year, Sammy was the Top Winning Boxer male. He made one come-back appearance at the South Western Boxer Club in 1981 where he won the CC and BIS from the Austrian judge, Hansi Hoehne on the same day that his kennel mate, Ch. Winuwuk Good Golly, won the bitch CC.

Although he was not extensively used at stud, being somewhat overshadowed by the kennel's American imports, he sired a couple of Champions, Ch. Willrait Titianesque and Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator. Through the Gladiator, Uncle Sam is solidly behind many of today's top winners.

Show Year Judge
CC: Three Counties   1976 Peter Perrett
CC: Peterborough 1976 John Boyce
CC: Bournemouth 1976 Joey Royle
CC: British Boxer Club 1977 Bobby James
CC: Paignton 1977 Pat Banks
CC: Welsh Kennel Club 1977 John Hambleton
CC: Bournemouth 1977 Vivi Wilson
CC: National Working Breeds  1977 Pat Dellar
CC: Richmond 1977 Andrew Thomson
CC: South Western B.C. 1977 Barbara Murray
CC: Tyne, Wear & Tees B.C. 1978 Reg Hill
CC: Scottish Kennel Club 1978 Dick Witham
CC: South Western B.C. 1981 Hansi Hoehne
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