Ch & Ir. Ch Winuwuk Lust at First Sight EW'09
74CC's, 19RCC's

Brindle & White Dog
Born 7th February 2005
Owned and Bred by Marion Ward-Davies, Julie Brown & Tim Hutchings

Ch. Winuwuk Lust in the Dust Ch. Blueprint Beern Skittles at Walkon Jenroy Pop Back to Walkon Ch. Jenroy Pop My Cork to Walkon
Ch. Jenroy Lot Less Bother
Aust. Grand Ch. Walkon Skittles Ch. Glenfall The Gladiator
Ch. Walkon Smash 'D Again
Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk Ch. Wrencliff Flying Scotchman of Winuwuk Ch. Norwatch Brock Buster
Ch. Wrencliff Let's Try Again
Jenroy Popsicle For Belmont Ch. Jenroy Pop My Cork to Walkon
Ch. Jenroy Lot Less Bother
Ch. Winuwuk Storybook Ch. Winuwuk Hot 'N' Bothered Ch. Winuwuk Lust in the Dust Ch. Blueprint Beern Skittles at Walkon
Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk
Ch. Winuwuk Jubilation Ch. Ashgate Able Seaman of Seefeld
Winuwuk Flirtation
Winuwuk Love Story Ch. Winuwuk Celebration Ch. Ashgate Able Seaman of Seefeld
Winuwuk Samsara
Winuwuk Love In The Mist Ch. Blueprint Beern Skittles at Walkon
Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk

We had been delighted with Storybook’s first litter to Lust in the Dust which had produced Gill Davies’ big winning Top Story, and so we repeated the mating. Right from the start a dog puppy stood away and we were really excited by him. He hit the show ring in August 2005 and he never looked back. In spite of only being in the ring for four months of the year he was Best Puppy five times at Championship Shows, ending the year as the Our Dogs Top Boxer Puppy. The real highlight of his puppy career came at Belfast where Mandy Laidlaw made him Best Puppy, Zena Thorn-Andrews gave him the Working Puppy Group and Ben Reynolds-Frost rewarded him with Reserve Best Puppy in Show all breeds!

He started 2006 by going Best Puppy at Crufts under Ann Ingram and Andrew Brace and he was regularly being shortlisted for the CC. He did not have to wait long for his first CC and Best of Breed which came in April from Shirley Butters at WELKS, where Philip Greenway agreed that he should also be Best of Breed. Max was just 14 months old. His second, again with Best of Breed was awarded by Helen Banks up at Border Union. Then, a month later at Paignton, he won his third CC from the Junior Class under Wendy Barrow who also sent him into the Group which he won! To make any dog up is a special day, to do so at 17 months is extra-exciting, and to win the Working Group on the same day was just amazing. With his fourth CC & BOB under David Webb at Belfast he then did the same again and won the Working Group under Bob Gregory. He followed this, two days later, with his fifth CC & BOB under Jeff Luscott at Driffield and a shortlist in the Group. With another CC & BIS from Andrew Brace at London and Home Counties, Max ended the year as Top Male.

2007 brought the prestige of winning the NATIONAL DOG OF THE YEAR title at the annual Boxer Event from judges Tony Watson, Norma Brook and Feffie Somerfield. He also won more CCs in 2007 and qualified for the prestigious Pedigree Champion Stakes, the first Boxer to qualify for 14 years. In the January finals he made it down to the last 8.

2008, 2009 and 2010 are the stuff that dreams are made of!!

Picking up CCs at a rate of knots, he really made his mark towards the end of 2008 when he won the Group and went RBIS all breeds, within a week of each other, at both City of Birmingham and Richmond. With another Group win up at Working Breeds of Scotland he ended the year as Top Boxer, Number 3 Working Dog and Number 11 all-breeds.

2009 started with a massive bang when he won Dog of the Year for the second time and then the GROUP AT CRUFTS, making it down to the last seven for BIS. This kicked off a fabulous year when he won eight Groups and two more Reserve BIS as well as his first BIS all breeds at Blackpool and BIS at the National Working and Pastoral Breeds. He ended the year as Top Boxer, Top Working Dog and Number 2 All Breeds

2010 saw him win a record breaking third National Dog of the Year title and from WELKS in April through to the end of the year he never looked back. He won six more Groups and once again ended up as Top Boxer, Top Working Dog and Number 5 All Breeds. Most importantly he won his 55th CC which makes him the new Breed Record Holder and the undisputed TOP WINNING BOXER OF ALL TIME IN THE UK

We are thrilled with Max and in the years since he broke the breed record, he has continued to delight us by picking up more CCs and ending up with a total of 74 CCs. He won CCs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 – quite amazing – and he won his last as an eight and a half year old veteran at the National Working & Pastoral Breeds in July 2013 when he went on to win Group 2 under Paul Harding.

It is now incredibly pleasing for us to see what a great sire he is becoming – he was the Top Stud Dog 2013 and his latest Champion son, our Ch Winuwuk The Outlaw was Best of Breed at Crufts 2014, following in his illustrious sires footsteps who was Best of Breed at the world’s biggest dog show on three occasions, winning the Group twice and being G3 in his veteran year.

His wonderful show record is given below. A total of 74 CCs, 21 Group wins, 3 Best in Shows, 4 Reserve Best in Shows, 20 other Group placings and qualifying for the Champion Stakes finals on two occasions. He won the Dog of the Year a staggering 5 times and was Best Male for six consecutive years. In addition, overseas, he was the European Winner 2009 going on to win FCI Group 2 at the European Winners Show.

Show Year Judge
CC: WELKS 2006 Shirley Butters
CC: Border Union 2006 Helen Banks
CC: Paignton 2006 Wendy Barrow
CC: Belfast 2006 David Webb
CC: Driffield 2006 Jeff Luscott
CC: London and Home Counties  Boxer Club 2006 Andrew Brace

CC: Birmingham National


Yvonne Miller

CC: Windsor 2007 Sue Drinkwater
CC: Manchester 2008 Jean Grandfield
CC: Essex & Eastern Counties Boxer Club 2008 Rita Tucker
CC: Northern Boxer Club 2008 Ann Ingram
CC: Three Counties 2008 Lyn Mair
CC: East of England 2008 Sandra Carter
CC: Bournemouth 2008 Meg Purnell-Carpenter
CC: City of Birmingham 2008 David Spencer
CC: Richmond 2008 Jean Watson
CC: Trent Boxer Club 2008 Lesley Wearing
CC: Midland Counties 2008 Kevin Young
CC: Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland 2008 Keith Jump
CC: South Western Boxer Club 2008 Frank Kane
CC: LKA 2008 Derek Smith
CC: Manchester 2009 Ann Wildman
CC: Midland Boxer Club 2009 Marian Grainger
CC: Crufts 2009 Rita Williams
CC: Scottish Boxer Club 2009 Sandra Parle
CC: Mancunian Boxer Club 2009 Karina Le Mare
CC: Working & Pastoral Breeds Ass. of Wales 2009 Terry Donovan
CC: WELKS 2009 Martin Wyles
CC: Southern Counties 2009 Annemarie Maeland
CC: Blackpool 2009 Isobel Edison
CC: Windsor 2009 Linda Carnaby
CC: East of England 2009 Peter Bailey
CC: National Working & Pastoral 2009 Karl-Erik Johansson
CC: Paignton 2009 Ferelith Somerfield

CC: Bournmouth

2009 Barbara Morison
CC: Driffield 2009 Tony Watson
CC: London and Home Counties  Boxer Club 2009 Tony Curtin
CC: Midland Counties 2009 Gill Davies
CC: Cotswold Boxer Club 2009 Betty Macdonald
CC: WELKS 2010 Pam Broughton
CC: SKC (May) 2010 Jan Baxter
CC: Southern Counties 2010 Ole J Staunskjaer
CC: Three Counties 2010 Paul Russell
CC: Border Union 2010 Frank Wildman
CC: British Boxer Club 2010 Marion Spavin
CC: Welsh Kennel Club 2010 Pat Heath
CC: SKC (August) 2010 Margaret Wildman
CC: City of Birmingham 2010 Stuart Mallard
CC: Richmond 2010 Barbara Murray
CC: Belfast 2010 Malcolm James
CC: Driffield 2010 Christina Chapman
CC: Trent Boxer Club 2010 Veronica Feaver
CC: Midland Counties 2010 Sue Ballinger
CC: South Wales Boxer Club 2010 Amanda Jinks
CC: Cotswold Boxer Club 2010 Marion Seeney
CC: Crufts 2011 Eddie Banks
CC: Mancunian Boxer Club 2011 Arthur Butters
CC: WELKS 2011 Ann Podmore
CC: SKC (May) 2011 Annette Strachan-Abel
CC: Border Union 2011 Sid Reily
CC: East of England 2011 Steve McArdle
CC: British Boxer Club 2011 Suzanne Carter
CC: Richmond 2011 Nadia Maddocks
CC: Midland Counties 2011 Ann Arch
CC: South Wales Boxer Club 2011 John Cormack
CC: Anglian Boxer Club 2012 Edna Woods
CC: Crufts 2012 Christine Ellingworth
CC: WELKS 2012 Kevin Fitzgerald
CC: East of England 2012 Paul Harding
CC: Paignton 2012 Sue Searle
CC: Midland Counties 2012 David Strachan
CC: Anglian Boxer Club 2013 Jenny Townshend
CC: South Wales Boxer Club 2013 Rosina Brace
CC: National Working & Pastoral 2013 Fiona Godwin


Best in Show: Blackpool 

2009 Robin Searle

Best in Show: National Working & Pastoral      

2009  Eleni Haapaniemi
Best in Show: Border Union 2011 Vandella Williams

Reserve Best in Show: City of Birmingham

2008 Frank Kane

Reserve Best in Show: Richmond 

2008  Zena Thorn-Andrews

Reserve Best in Show: Darlington

2009 Peter Bailey

Reserve Best in Show: South Wales KA

2009 Ron James

Group 1: Paignton

2006  Zena Thorn-Andrews

Group 1: Belfast

2006  Bob Gregory

Group 1: City of Birmingham

2008 Kari Wilberg

Group 1: Richmond

2008    Clare Coxall
Group 1: W&P Breeds Scotland 2008 Brenda Banbury
Group 1: Crufts 2009 Robin Searle
Group 1: WELKS 2009 Monica Boggia-Black
Group 1: Blackpool 2009 Andrew Brace
Group 1: Windsor 2009 Carla Molinari
Group 1: National Working & Pastoral 2009 Eleni Haapaniemi
Group 1: Paignton 2009 Clare Coxall
Group 1: Darlington 2009 Kari Wilberg
Group 1: South Wales KA 2009 Frank Wildman
Group 1: WELKS 2010 Steve Hall
Group 1: SKC May 2010 Terry Munro
Group 1: Three Counties 2010 Frank Kane
Group 1: Border Union 2010 Robin Searle
Group 1: Richmond 2010 Margaret Wildman
Group 1: Driffield 2010 Colin Reed
Group 1: Crufts 2011 Kari Wilberg
Group 1: Border Union 2011 Frank Wildman
Group 2: East of England 2009 Peter Bailey
Group 2: Driffield 2009 Jeff Horswell
Group 2: Bath 2010 Sigurd Wilberg
Group 2: City of Birmingham 2010 Dan Ericsson
Group 2: Boston 2011 Christina Chapman
Group 2: WELKS 2011 Zena Thorn-Andrews
Group 2: Midland Counties 2011 Stuart Mallard
Group 2: Midland Counties 2012 Ann Ingram
Group 2: National Working & Pastoral 2013 Paul Harding
Group 3: Three Counties 2008 Jeff Luscott
Group 3: Manchester 2009 Ben Reynolds-Frost
Group 3: W&P Breeds of Wales 2009 John McManus
Group 3: Midland Counties 2010 Derek Smith
Group 3: East of England 2011 Hugh Gent
Group 3: SWKA 2011 Bob Gregory
Group 3: Crufts 2012 Jeff Luscott
Group 3: East of England 2012 Bob Gregory
Group 4: East of England 2008 Ferelith Somerfield
Group 4: Bournemouth 2009 Dave Killilea
Group 4: Belfast 2010 Dave Cavill
Ch Stakes Qualifier: East of England 2007 Bob Gregory
Ch Stakes Qualifier: Birmingham National 2009 Jack Bispham
Boxer of the Year


Norma Brook
Tony Watson
Ferelith Somerfield
Boxer of the Year


David Spencer
David Webb
Arthur Butters
Boxer of the Year


Paola Watten
Sigurd Wilberg
Edna Woods
Boxer of the Year


Stuart Mallard
Stuart Lockwood-Brown Kay Palade
Boxer of the Year


Paul Russell
Des Manton
Betty McDonald
European Winner 2009 Ann Ingram
FCI Group 2 Winner European Winners Show Michael McCarthy