3 CCs, 3 RCCs

Brindle & White Bitch
Born 7 January 1999
Bred by Mrs Lloyd
Owned by Marion Ward-Davies, Julie Brown & Tim Hutchings

Ch. Winuwuk
Lust in
the Dust

Ch Blueprint Beern
Skittles at Walkon
Jenroy Pop Back to Walkon
Aust. Grand Ch. Walkon Skittles
Ch Roamaro Scotch
Mist of Winuwuk
Ch Wrencliff Flying Scotchman of Winuwuk
Jenroy Popsicle for Belmont


Ch Ashgate Able
Seaman of Seefeld
Ch Eight Bells of Seefeld
Seefeld Coral Fan
Winuwuk Flirtation Ch Wrencliff Flying Scotchman of Winuwuk
Reflections of Winuwuk

Chelsea's mother, Winuwuk Acclamation, was a very nicely made and typey red bitch who was litter sister to our own Ch. Winuwuk Jubilation. We had sold her on breeding terms to the Lloyds who lived locally, right at the top end of Stroud.

When it was time for Acclamation to be mated, Ch Winuwuk Lust in the Dust was just starting to put some very nice youngsters into the ring and we felt that he would be the right dog for her. He was very solidly bred and as Acclamation was by an outcross dog we were keen to bring her back into our own line. We just had a feeling that it was the right thing to do - the breeding was right and we felt that the type was right.

A super litter resulted early in 1999 and we were very keen to see the pups. Like her sister, Acclamation was a very good mother and the Lloyds had the pups in a warm and cosy outhouse where mother and babies were thriving. We vividly remember setting the pups up on a bale of hay in their whelping quarters and even at a very young age, we felt that we had some stars in the making.

So it was that Winuwuk Love Struck came to live with us along with her sister, Winuwuk Kiss n Make Up who subsequently went to the Soilands in Norway.

Chelsea enjoyed a quick start to her career and she caught the eyes of the judges from an early age. Val Pack-Davison started her of with a Reserve CC at Southern Counties in June 2000 and this was followed by a quick second from Yvonne Miller at the British Boxer Club later in the Summer, from a fabulous line-up. She then did not have long to wait until her first CC which was awarded by Pat Banks at the LKA in December immediately followed by a second from Keith Jump at Manchester right at the start of 2001. The lack of shows due to the Foot and Mouth crisis then slowed up her campaign but her title soon came, in August 2001, from Walker Miller at Bournemouth.

We have always appreciated Chelsea's super breed type. She is 110% Boxer with a beautiful expression and the sort of outline that we really like. We are very lucky to have her in our kennel.

Show Year Judge
CC: LKA 2000 Pat Banks
CC: Manchester 2001 Keith Jump
CC: Bournemouth 2001 Walker Miller
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