25 CCs, 22 RCCs

Brindle & White Bitch
Born 23rd June 1978
Bred & Owned by Marion & Ivor Ward-Davies

US Import
Winuwuk Milray's Red
Baron of Valvay
Int Ch. Scher-Khoun's Abednego Int Ch. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack
Int Ch. Scher-Khoun's Carousel
Milray's Flame of Candlewood US Ch. Holly-Lane's Winter Forecast
Candlewood's Cinderella
of Winuwuk
US Import Kreyon's Back
in Town of Winuwuk
Int Ch. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack
US Ch. Kreyon's Firebrand
Branns Tartan Sash Tartan Tiger of Skelder
Branns Flying Start

Golly will forever be remembered for her exceptional showmanship and her stunning outline. By Baron out a Mack daughter, she really did provide proof positive that all the hard work in bringing the two American dogs in had been worth it and Golly was Marion and Ivor's pride and joy.

She was a big winner from an early age, winning her first CC at the British Boxer Club under the American judge, Peter Baynes when she had only just left the puppy classes. Her title swiftly followed and she was made up at Crufts, 1980 by Peter Perrett. During the remainder of that year, she swept all before her and she finished up as the Top Boxer 1980 by some margin winning 11 CCs in the year. One really major win for her was her CC from a record entry at the Mancunian Boxer Club from the world famous Boxer handler, now judge, Jane Forsythe who gave her a lovely critique.

Golly won the prestigious British Boxer Club Champion of Champions trophy on two occasions and she was placed in Groups and in the hotly contested Champion Stakes. For a decade she held the record as the Top Winning Brindle Bitch of all time until this was taken from her by another Winuwuk, Scotch Mist.

She won her last CC at Darlington when she was not far off the Veteran classes, and she made a final appearance at the Cotswold Boxer Club later in the same year when she won the Reserve CC from the American judge Harriett Campbell.

Golly was a truly exceptional Boxer and it is very interesting to note that her CCs were won under both specialist and all-rounder judges from America, Holland and the UK proving the universal appeal of correct Boxer type.


Show Year Judge
CC: British Boxer Club 1979 Peter Baynes
CC: Scottish Kennel Club  1979 Sheila Law
CC: Crufts 1980 Peter Perrett
CC: Midland Boxer Club 1980 Pat Heath
CC: Tyne, Wear & Tees B.C.  1980 Wilson Wiley
CC: Mancunian Boxer Club 1980 Jane Forsythe
CC: Bath 1980 Marian Fairbrother
CC: Leeds 1980 Audrey Jenkinson
CC: Three Counties 1980 Bobbie Singleton
CC: Scottish Kennel Club 1980 Cora Donaghue
CC: Darlington 1980 Valerie Garratt
CC: Belfast 1980 Joy Malcolm
CC: London & Home Cos B.C.  1980 Reg Hill
CC: Manchester 1981 Ernie Dawson
CC: Scottish Kennel Club 1981 John Hambleton
CC: South Western B.C. 1981 Bobby James
CC: Irish Boxer Club 1981 Lily Potts
CC: Cotswold Boxer Club 1981 David Spencer
CC: WELKS 1982 Tom Horner
CC: Birmingham National 1982 Anton Renders
CC: Border Union 1982 Ferelith Hamilton
CC: Paignton 1982 Betty White
CC: Scottish Kennel Club 1983 Sigurd Wilberg
CC: City of Birmingham 1983 Sue Harvey
CC: Darlington 1984 Raymond Beattie


Reserve Group: Manchester 1981 Tom Horner